UBIQUITY continues leveraging its Hyperautomation Services offer by Partnering with DocAcquire iDP Platform

Ubiquity Technology and DocAcquire have just consolidated a strategic partnership to strengthen enterprise opportunities for digital transformation, in a now even more comprehensive way, making Ubiquity Technology a partner capable of offering the widest set of hyperautomation services to its customers.

Intelligent Document Processing (iDP) solutions transform unstructured and semi-structured content such as – business documents, emails, images and PDF documents – into usable data.

The pandemic has been an eye-opener for many Businesses on how they need to be agile and nimble in these challenging times. Our IDP plays a significant role in enabling our automation partners to deliver Hyperautomation solutions faster for businesses of any size. Ubiquity Technology has vast expertise in the intelligent automation space and has already proven to be a true partner in taking hyperautomation solution deliveries to the next level.

- Ashik Wani, DocAcquire – CEO & Founder

Our goal is to support organizations in their digital transformation journeys, making them more efficient through automation. DocAcquire will strategically contribute to expand the technology landscape and together, as partners, we will be able to expand the Hyperautomation service offer with a technology that allows organizations to capture and process information from documents quickly and accurately.

- Denny Morais, Ubiquity Technology Head of Automation

DocAcquire is an Easiest Intelligent Document Processing Platform that applies machine learning to recognize, classify and extract data from documents with high accuracy.

With DocAcquire, you're ready to benefit today, unlocking the critical value buried within the unstructured documents received every day from customers, suppliers, employees, by post, paper, fax, email, social media and other electronic document streams.

Ubiquity Technology is a Consulting, Automation and Engineering professional services provider that creates value, by designing, delivering, and monitoring digital business processes. With presence in the European, North American, and African markets.

Ubiquity has been gathering a wide portfolio of multinational successful projects, where relevant key differentiators have been the plus. Full integration capabilities, scalability, and robustness, supported using the best practices, all in compliance with ISO9001 and ISO27001 standards, this is the Ubiquity way.

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