The first immersive experience driven by Hyperautomation

This past Friday (September 23), at the Hilton Boeira Garden Hotel, UBIQUITY Technology held the first major in-person event exclusively dedicated to the theme of Hyperautomation.

An initiative, unique in its format, and co-organized with UIPATH and DRUID AI, leading platforms in process automation and intelligent conversational agent technology, of which UBIQUITY Technology is a specialized implementation partner. Irina Dochitu representing DRUID and Ludovic Duverger representing UIPATH, joined for the first time a partner in Portugal, proudly positioning us in a level of excellence in the sector.

StartHyper - May the Digital Workforce be with you - was the motto that inspired the idea of bringing together companies and organizations from different business sectors, with which we have the privilege of collaborating - Telecommunications, Banking, Services, Industry, Insurance, Aerospace Maintenance and Construction, Construction, Higher Education, among others - to share their successful experiences in the Hyperautomation and Digital Transformation journey, demonstrating through concrete cases, how they leveraged their businesses and gave a greater capacity for growth.

Vodafone, Ogma, Fidelidade Angola, University of Porto, Manpower, Águas do Norte, all without exception, have highlighted the importance of UBIQUITY Technology for the success of their conferences, representing another milestone in the history of our organization.

As a result of this joint effort, we have not only reinforced our visibility and notoriety among our customers, but also strengthened the relationships of trust and commitment with DRUID AI and UIPATH, essential partnerships to continue to be considered an excellent service provider.

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