Business Transformation with Conversational Automation

Businesses are complex and diverse entities made up of an immeasurable range of individuals, processes, functions, skills and cultures. All these elements operate within their own sets of procedures, creating a network of relationships and interactions that so often prove to be complex. In so many cases, it is this complexity that makes organisations seem impersonal, indifferent, and even isolated.

Conversational Automation" is transforming the way organisational systems operate.

In fact, this automation concept allows to change the several conversational dynamics by enhancing personalised, simultaneous, contextual and automated conversations with customers, employees and other parties involved in any of the business processes.

When an organisation integrates Conversational Automation solutions into its workflows, its modus operandi undergoes significant changes towards a greater focus on customer needs, on the organisation's staff and on improving operational efficiency. The expected consequence of these transformations is a secure business growth with greater agility and predictability, based on the quality assurance of interpersonal and business relationships.

The terminology "Conversational AI" defines a wide variety of conversational bots with Artificial Intelligence that use Natural Language Processing (NLP), combined with Machine Learning (ML) and Analytics. This technology creates a conversational neural network accessible in real-time, transforming the way business activities come to be managed or even scaled.

There have been several platforms emerging in the market with Conversation solutions, but few demonstrate capabilities as complete and comprehensive as Druid AI, which was identified as a "Major Contender" in the recent "Conversational AI Products PEAK Matrix®", 2021 assessment. Represented in Portugal by Ubiquity Technology as a strategic implementation partner, this platform incorporates a powerful NLP (Natural Language Processing) engine that supports more than 45 languages (including Portuguese of Portugal). Simultaneously, it includes over 500 conversation types pre-developed by functions, processes and sectors that guarantee a fast ROI.

Including natively the UiPath Product Stack (world leading RPA - Robotic Process Automation platform), Druid AI offers a two-way communication between humans and machines that allows you to add conversational capabilities to RPA robots, further increasing business efficiency, improving cognitive services and simplifying tasks.

Strategically incorporating Conversational Automation initiatives surely means an evolution over a sometimes still somewhat primitive or narrowly focused use of simple, repetitive software robot task automation, enabling end-to-end process automation.

Final point: A virtual assistant in Human Resources process


Denny Morais
- Head of RPA, Ubiquity Technology

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